What more do you need to know?

Ours is a one centre practice with four vets, six RVN’s & a thoroughly efficient administration team. What does that mean? It means you get to utilise your 15 minute consults being a vet… to the best of your abilities! Not emptying anal glands, clipping nails, taking bloods, performing FNA’s, or a million other things that our nurses do brilliantly (& love doing too!) Equally, they love to dive in & set ups drips (sorry, I know it’s called IVFT these days) or assist you in doing so, rather than sniggering as you blow the second saphenous vein. They also work up all our estimates for treatment.

And yes, as stated in the ad. There is no OOH.

Toys??? Loads! Time to use them??? We ALWAYS make the time – what our clients are after is a diagnosis, a treatment plan & a prognosis & THAT’S why we have the toys. Our teams love nothing better than getting their teeth into a tricky case, whether it’s “theirs” or not. Everyone likes to help, because success reflects on everyone & we like the warm fuzzy glow from making people’s pets better!

Our Admin team deal with all the insurance paperwork, invoicing, accounting queries, and stuff that vets really don’t enjoy. The only time you’ll incur their wrath is when you let people sneak away without paying, for which they’ll hang you from the nearest tree.

My job? My job is to make sure that our clients get the best service they could wish for, from staff who care & who will go the extra mile to help… treating the patients like they were their own pets. That’s why we say it on our website & that’s why we can truly say to our clients, we’re “Your Best Friends’ Best Friends”.

The other part of my job is looking after our staff. I’ve always dreaded those articles in the VDS newsletter which start “Ross was dreading Tuesday morning, as the delightful Mrs X was coming in…” I used to have to suffer that in a previous life (practice) and I swore I’d never let it happen in mine. So, my policy has always been that if Mrs. X wants to be awful, she can be awful to her family, her friends & any other veterinary practice that has the misfortune to be so misguided as to have her & to allow her to be that way. We JUST DON’T… and you know what? Everyone from the receptionists to the nurses, to the vets, EVERYONE has a better life as a result.

Sound good? Well, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, or an email & we’ll introduce you to the team.

Did I mention there’s no OOH